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Mar 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
sorkin, francesco gary and simon johnson. >> this whole business is a confidence business. the second we decide to do something wrong with the water, we've got a problem. and whenou look a what's happening in cyprus it makes people anxious. >> rose: we continue with a look at cyber warfare with david sanger of the "new york times." are they better than we are. >> they are higher volume hackers but the sophistication of the attacks on iran would suggest that the united states and israel are probably at the top of the heap right now in terms of skill. the russians are also very good. the iranians are not very good but they are getting better. >> rose: we close this evening with a politicalound up with al hunt of bloomberg view and mark halperin of "time" magazine. >> these a great deal of ferment going on. rand paul came on a legal status for immigrants. some people thought this last election debacle there would be pointing fingers. there's a lot of that that goes on but some of this stuff is really i think productive for them now. >> rose: cyprus cyber warre and american politics when
Mar 13, 2013 5:30pm PDT
culture must change. major general gary patton directs the sexual assault prevention and response office. >> underpinning all efforts is need for culture change. where sexist behavior are not tolerated, condoned. i believe we will know change when prevention of sexual assault is as scrutinized as friendly fire. we will know when they produce same reaction as hearing racist slur. we are not there yet. >> woodruff: the new defense secretary chuck hagel promised stronger leadership on the issue, at his confirmation hearing last month. >> it's not good enough just to say zero tolerance. the whole chain of command needs to be accountable for this all the way down to the bottom. >> woodruff: hagel has already ordered a review of an air force general's decision to overturn a sexual assault conviction against an officer who served in italy. >> ifill: again, the major developments of the day: cardinal jorge bergoglio of argentina was elected pope-- the first leader of the world's catholics to hail from the americas. he took the name francis. vatican officials announced the new pontiff will be for
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2